Agb Agreement

We, « we » and « ours » refer to DNA. « You » and « you » refer to the person or entity that wishes to use the DNA programs. « Programs » means the software product, web service or component that you wish to download and use, as well as program documentation. « License » means your right to use the Programs in accordance with the terms of this Agreement. DNA can provide specific versions of software for demonstration or testing purposes. These versions are usually assigned to the feature and are provided only for the demonstration of the feature. We are prepared to license the programs to you only if you agree to all the terms contained in this agreement. If you are not ready to be subject to these terms, immediately return all deliveries to DNA and/or destroy copies of the software and program documentation and do not use the programs. By installing the software, you automatically confirm your license agreement. (1) We are liable for damages suffered by the customer due to errors or gross negligence of our staff.

This clause also applies to losses due to criminal rules or activities, whether they fall within the scope of the agreement or contradict it. However, this liability only covers losses resulting from materials that could not be delivered or whose characteristics do not conform to expectations, as well as all other losses related to them. Apart from these, only the debts mentioned above can be assumed. 4. Right of use The graphic designer grants the client unlimited rights in time and time. The graphic designer retains the copyright on the work done. The graphic designer is also allowed to use his works for public relations purposes. Only in exceptional cases, such as illustrations, can a permit for use be issued repeatedly by the graphic designer himself. In this case, the following points should be applied accordingly. (a) the customer acquires the exclusive right to use the works created in performance of the contract, with payment of the total fees provided, for the agreed purposes and use. b) The customer is obliged to ensure that the contractual services are used only for the intended purposes and only to the extent agreed.

Any other use or assignment or assignment of the design services provided requires a request for offer and the graphic designer`s agreement on fees. The graphic designer has the right to request information about the extent of actual use. Any modification, transformation or imitation of the works made available is prohibited as long as the right has not been granted in writing and for consideration. . . .

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