Cashalo Agreement

The roll-over of your loan does not constitute a new agreement. They continue to pay interest on the total amount of the loan during the extension period. For example, if you take out a £100 loan for a 20-day period, you will, at the end of each additional 20-day driving period, have to pay the following to fully pay your loans: your use of the site after the effective date of the updated terms is your agreement with the updated terms. You should read these Terms of Use and any updated Terms before using the Site. Your use and use of the products and services on the Website may be subject to your consent to certain contracts and permissions. By declaring your consent and permissions, you agree to be subject to the terms and conditions and such contracts and authorizations are deemed valid and executed voluntarily by you. Upon request, the company can provide you with electronic copies of these documents. In case of late payment, interest may be added to your next payment dates in accordance with the credit agreement. The calculation is based on the nominal amount. In the event that your personal data is passed on to third parties for the purposes described above, such disclosure is subject to a data sharing agreement or outsourcing agreement that requires, among other things, that such third party be required to exercise the same diligence in the protection of such personal data. If you wish to refuse to give your consent to such processing or disclosure, such request shall be deemed to be a request to delete your account and the resulting termination of your transactions, in accordance with the terms of the agreements you have accepted and executed. .

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