Choreographer Agreement

If Artist shares or re-examines work or parts of the work originally done through ADC, ARTIST agrees to pay tribute to Aerial Dance Chicago. However, this is not limited to reassembly in another company, refurbishment for an event or festival, use of working videos for a grant or festival application, sharing as a video presentation, sharing on social networks or any other type of demonstration of the work. ADC offers a studio rehearsal room for aerial dance, professional dancers perfectly trained in contemporary dance and aerial dance forms, costumed options, professional lighting, marketing and a live professional presentation of work in a rigged performance venue for aerial dance. 1. Performances: The producer charges the choreographer for ____ (__) working days (__ days of hours for rehearsals and __ days of hours during production) between ________;; 20__ and ________ 20__ (tentatively scheduled for _____ _ the days set jointly by the producer and the choreographer (the « term ») to provide all necessary choreographic services as choreographer for the image. Such services will be those usually provided in the film industry by first-rate choreographers. These services are provided mainly in __________ 2. Indemnification: the ARTIST producer undertakes to clearly identify and label the ADC in the text, in the printed program, in other printed materials or on video credits. If no written document is printed, ARTIST undertakes to pay tribute orally as part of the presentation.

« This work was originally created with the support of Aerial Dance Chicago. » . . . .

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