Labour Contract Agreement For Electrical Work

Exclusions. Conditions can list activities that are excluded from services, for example. B the removal of flooring and plastering or construction work that is required by the electrician`s services. The customer has the responsibility to allow the company to access the site if necessary, to evacuate the space so that the work can continue and to provide facilities such as safe storage of equipment, power supply, etc. The responsibility for obtaining planning permissions rests with the client. At point 10.3, the company is responsible for correcting defects for a specified period after the completion of the work: it can be 6 months or more or less: it is up to you to insert the corresponding time frame. If there is a manufacturer`s warranty for installed devices – for example. B a new sound system – the company will give the customer the advantage, and it is up to the customer to take care of the manufacturer in case of default. Electrical contracts are usually only one to two pages long. You can add a photocopy of the electrician`s insurance card in addition to the contract. The company has basic obligations to exercise skills and to exercise diligence and provide services, as agreed between the company and the customer. If the work includes the delivery and installation of new devices – for example.

B a new lighting system – it is also referred to, so that the company can replace an alternative if approved devices are not available. This agreement on electrical services is concluded by and between the parties listed below: if necessary, all parties executed under this electricity services contract will work in full compliance with the existing building rules and the National Electricity Act. If a client requires a derogation from these rules, a written instruction and registration, accompanied by the written agreement of a government authority, will be required. Price and payment. Since electrical services generally include labour and materials, price agreements must demonstrate this. In addition, it may result in a call-out fee and/or variable rates depending on the duration of the order. In some cases, a deposit may be required, especially when materials or equipment must be purchased in advance. Who can use this standard contract for work and services? Any individual or company that needs casual or similar work. What`s the point of this contract? It contains a number of general conditions… That`s the end of it.

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