Service Level Agreement Generator Maintenance

We will take care of the machine every month and report on the condition of the generators. This then gives the owner of the generators the certainty that the equipment is well maintained and that the best service is performed to avoid catastrophic failures. This agreement remains in force until it is replaced by a revised agreement that is mutually approved by stakeholders. The aim of this agreement is to reach a mutual agreement on the provision of IT services between the service provider and the customer or customers. Stuart Power offers a 3-year warranty on all our sets sold at a standby app. The third year is supported by the dealer and applies when there is a service contract. This service offers guaranteed fixed prices for a period of three years. Installing a generator is a great way to protect your power supply. However, this is not a guarantee of continuous performance, as generator components can fail if they are not kept to a high level.

A scheduled maintenance program for generators should always be considered an essential part of a standby or continuous power system. At Woodlands, we care for and support a wide range of industrial generators. In fact, our individual units go up to 3,500kVA, with multi-megawatt installations in the first two – standby applications.? In addition, we offer a number of generator service contracts to ensure that your generators are operating optimally. As part of our proactive approach to ensuring system reliability and reducing the risk of generator failure, our generator maintenance plans provide security. If you know your systems are working as expected, you`ll get extra confidence in your system infrastructure. We also communicate with you through the generator service process, manage your service visits and arrange a time that suits you to minimize interference. As a result, you will know exactly when your generator will be maintained. NNG sleep generators offer the most comprehensive wholesale maintenance contract available (« service plan, » « maintenance contract, » « PM »). Our service plan meets the requirements and recommendations of all major generator manufacturers and industry leaders. Inspections include (if any) the general appearance, the lubricating oil system, the engine air filtration system, the engine fuel system, the engine start system, the engine ignition system, the engine exhaust system, the main light machine and the electrical system, the cooling system, the transfer system and the general condition with specific controls in service. We propose three levels of service plan agreements.

The three levels offer you the tranquility that your generator is properly maintained and ready for you in your distress time. Our service plan agreements are comprehensive customer support plans that provide priority service 24 hours a day. All three levels include the articles and services listed below (if any). The differences in levels are here delineated between Elite, Elite Plus and Premier options: we can combine our maintenance services with uninterrupted power supply (ASI) maintenance or leave as separate systems. What was the commissioning date? Who is your fuel supplier? Do you rely on your generator to meet specific needs such as medical devices? Please explain: will you authorize the service to be performed at 8:00 a.m.? JaNein If not, what`s the first hour? In the end, it is invaluable to have peace of order in relation to your business. In this context, our generator service contracts ensure that your devices are operating as intended if necessary. In fact, Woodlands Generators in Evesham can design a maintenance program to meet all your specific needs. However, we fully understand that different customers have different service requirements.

? For this reason, we can adapt our service to your generator service needs.

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