Subcontract Agreement Proz Prevod

(2) Is the customer serious and offers an acceptable price? Very early on, I think it`s important to focus on working with agencies – they take care of most of the busy work and give you the opportunity to learn the ropes – but you need to avoid bottom-up feeders. Join, if only to get access to your Blue Card, as this will help you know if you can trust an agency you`ve never worked with before. Patrick Roye shared another useful article: What are the rules for paying translators` bills? Here are some of my points. Let me know if you have any questions/comments! I have been working on the ability to negotiate for some time and would like to share with you some of my experiences. So you put yourself there. You break your butt, fill out as many profiles as possible, create your own website, set up social media accounts, a blog, respond to countless stock market posts, and just about every online marketing tip you could find. Signing contracts is part of the agreement if you work for agencies. Here are some tips: It`s also important to keep in mind that in addition to money (deadlines, services included in your offer, resources used in the project, etc.), you can negotiate more aspects of a project. Catherine from Lingua Greca Translations also shared this excellent article on the topic: Zombie Contracts: Translator Attention How you treat customers and potential jobs from day one will set the tone you will continue to manage as your business grows and grows. And then, just when they think it would never lead anywhere, a job chance ends up on your lap! Finally, take two seconds to share this contribution, to thank the contributors for sharing their years of knowledge and expertise. It is also important to set a minimum rate and comply with it. Their first offer should be at least 1/3 higher than this minimum rate in order to have considerable margin of negotiation.

To help you avoid costly beginner mistakes, I asked eight specialized translators from our TM-Town community to give you their most important tips, advice and precautions when a new contract lands on your doorstep. (3) Is the time limit reasonable? In fact, low rates and inappropriate deadlines usually go hand in hand and are the two red flags you should avoid for the customer….

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