Txdot Standard Utility Agreement

Utilities may also give signing authorization to the authorized person who performs a particular function with the distribution undertaking instead of designating a particular person. If a distribution undertaking authorises a specific position of the distribution undertaking instead of designating a person, irrespected of the person who holds that position with the distribution undertaking, that position will continue to be entitled to execute documents as an authorised representative of the distribution undertaking. All personnel changes within the utility are resolved when the utility designates a position and not an individual. Therefore, the signing authority conferred by the distribution undertaking remains valid, despite the person occupying the position. The Accommodations Toolkit provides current federal and state laws as well as guidelines and procedures for the implementation of activities in the field of accommodation in the context of transport projects. These tools help to ensure compliance with relevant legislation and directives in order to ensure that the public services concerned receive full reimbursement of the eligible costs of the project. For the State. The distribution undertaking shall draw up a plan and an estimate to support its right to reimbursement. In addition, it is necessary to conclude a written agreement defining the separate responsibilities in the execution and financing of the adaptation works.

The Standard Utility Agreement was designed to meet these needs. The distribution undertaking should familiarize itself with the provisions of 23 Parts 645A and B and the amendments, as several provisions of the agreement form provide for compliance with this federal rule. The district completes all fields at the top of page 1 of the « Entity » agreement form. No other part of the Standard Utility Agreement applies to the State. After the approval of the agreement, the district becomes an executing office: it is useful to ask the utility company for a « lump sum » authorization that gives a particular person or position permission to sign, execute agreements and documents on all highway adaptation works contained in the system of the distribution company. This flat-rate authorization should be granted in writing so that it can be stored in the permanent files of the ROW program office, submitted with any applicable TxDOT project file and attached to form U-40 Signature Authority. If you obtain a « lump sum » authorisation from the distribution undertaking, all decisions, regulations, statutes, etc., should be clearly formulated in order to give a general signing power for all supply adjustment works of the distribution undertaking, instead of granting a right of signature for the execution of a single and specific agreement. For LPA. For LPA projects involving TxDOT, it is not necessary to conclude a written agreement between TxDOT and the distribution undertaking. However, the LPA may, on request, enter into a separate written agreement with the distribution undertaking. Once the agreements and supporting documents have been received, the districts: after receipt of the concluded agreement, the ROW division carries out the administrative verification of the agreement and issues the district with a model verification.

All conditions mentioned in the ROW Division memo will be sent to the district. A conditional authorization requires that the conditions be met before a payment is made. Significant changes in workload must be approved by the district as part of a contract amendment. The distribution undertaking must indicate, in Appendix `B` to the standard utility agreement, the procedure by which the adaptation costs are developed. . . .

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