Unified Service License Agreement

(ii) The Indian project/promoter/promoter, including its holding companies, must comply with the relevant provisions of government NCE policy. When adopting investment proposals, the FIPB can take security concerns into account. 5.1 The licensee reserves the right to change the terms of the licence at any time if the donor believes it is necessary or appropriate to do so in the public interest or in the interest of state security or for the proper execution of the telegraphs. The licensee`s decision is final and binding in this regard. (iii) The purchaser/agent is fully eligible for a new licence in that territory, in accordance with the terms of the tender or any other document, and declares himself willing to comply in writing with the terms of the licence agreement, including past and future roll-out obligations; and b) not to remedy any defects/failure/correction of the service/equipment that the licensee can report within the prescribed time frame. (ix) The decision of the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting regarding any violation of the applicable acts/rules/rules/guidelines with respect to their administrative competence with respect to content transferred to IPTV services is final. The amount of penalties for such an infringement is decided by the licensee in agreement with the relevant departments/departments. 31.2 The licensee is responsible for ensuring that the participant`s terminal is operated in accordance with the terms of the licence and the WPC licence. The SIM card in the user terminal is not transferable. 43.9 For the use of the space segment and the construction and development of the ground station, etc., the licensee directly coordinates the network operating and control centre (NOCC) and receives it, with the exception of obtaining and authorizing it by other authorities. (ii) the condition set out in 41.9 applies to the provision of mobile services in areas close to India`s international border. Provided that the IPTV service provider gives the government or its authorized representative access to all facilities, including equipment, recordings, systems, etc., for inspection purposes. 39.2 Subject to the conditions set out in these conditions, the licensee takes all necessary measures to protect the confidentiality and confidentiality of information relating to a third party and its activities: to whom it provides the service and from which it acquired this information on the basis of the service provided, and does everything in its power to achieve this: 27.1 The licensee operates and maintains the network under license in accordance with quality standards (QoS) which may be agreed to by mutual agreement with regard to the network interface, subject to other instructions that the licensee or TRAI may give time.

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