Wesley Mission Enterprise Agreement Qld

We do everything in our power to maximize the compensation opportunities of our employees by offering a wide range of ancillary benefits to certain employees who do not award it. With 2,000 employees and more than 4,000 volunteers, there are a variety of personalities, skills, backgrounds, interests and career opportunities working together to make Wesley Mission a lively and caring workplace. The change in the offer would not have taken place had it not been for the perseverance of the members at the negotiating table who commit themselves to salaries that adequately compensate staff for the work done. In the Wesley Mission, we are people who focus on this and who work to use your creativity, intelligence, emotions, abilities and practical resources, all in the interest of effectively supporting and helping those who are vulnerable or in need. We recognize the importance for parents to spend time and engagement with their children early without additional financial stress, which is why we are committed to providing paid parental leave in addition to what the government offers new parents. Hummingbird House, Queensland`s only children`s hospice, is a medically assisted « home house » for children affected by a life-limiting illness and their families. The self-contained facility offers 8 people in adoptive beds, 5 family homes and a one-of-a-kind End of Life suite. Comforted by the idea of creating a « warm hug » for children and their families, the multidisciplinary team offers short short stays for emergencies and short stays in specialized emergency care. end-of-life care and psychosocial support programs for the whole family. With strong local, national and international connections with specialized pediatric palliative services, Hummingbird House is an integrated, community-based service that provides flexible child care and family services. Here is a full list of the results of the UNION Claims Protocol and the WMQ Claims Protocol. Our Education Assistance Program offers study leave and financial assistance and is available to all of our permanent employees who are conducting studies authorized by accredited training providers.

This is a great benefit for workers who want to hone their skills in their current role or develop their career plan with the help of Wesley Mission. The offer now provides for a remuneration of 1% above the premium rate for the duration of the contract. This was the salary offer that members had requested in recognition of the often complex and demanding work. Under the broad leadership of the Clinical Director, Hummingbird House, the Staff Care Worker is responsible for the overall care and care of clients in the care and their families. This position will help the clinical team achieve the best result for The Guests of Hummingbird House We honour our outstanding collaborators in a variety of possibilities, including a staff-wide organizational recognition program known as « A Chance to Shine, » which gives us the opportunity to showcase some of the collaborators or teams that have performed in remarkable ways. Wesley Mission offers a personalized assistance program for employees who provide immediate and professional support to help employees cope with the effects of a traumatic incident or personal problem, as well as pastoral support available to all our employees Home « Industry News » Wesley Mission Queensland Disability Services EBA – you have influenced change! Our learning and development department and our own Wesley Vocational Institute support employees through customized programs to improve their skills and knowledge, so they are fully equipped to meet current and future challenges and opportunities.

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